First you need to have the job surveyed, which costs approx. $1,50000 for two men for the day and hope that no one knocks over any of the grade stakes after they have left the job. “HA, fat chance that that won’t happen.” Then you need to hire two laborers, at a cost of approx. $70000 a day each. They pull a string line from one grade stake to the other to measure the grade and see how much the operator needs to fill or cut the area. Then the two labors are needed to clean around all the grade stakes so that the operator can also see the finished grade marks.
(This is really time consuming—stay with me now) Now you must hope that the operator can find grade with as few passes as possible and get the grade right on the “Money”… With this size Bulldozer a good operator can find grade approx. 15– 20,000 sq. ft. in a day. But now with the same size bulldozer and my new state of the art Trimble dual slope laser we can grade approx. 40 to 50,000 sq. ft. a day and the grade would be “RIGHT ON A NAT’S ASS…!” AND in the same time frame… AND save you all that extra time and cost.


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